AIDS Awareness Programme

Organized awareness generation camp at. Bypass Road, Mahisaurhi in District — Jamui (Bihar) on the occasion of 'World AIDS Day' (15 December, 2013) and given knowledge to general people, women, youth both male and female and adolescents to save and protect him against HIV/AIDS with development of knowledge on caution, precaution and prevention methods like no use drugs by intravenous course, save and protect him against men having sex with men, for sex purpose adopt one-man and one-woman policy, don't go to any commercial sex places, always use condom, etc. and also given knowledge that for saving against AIDS only one method for us that is complete knowledge about its types of infection.

Total Sanitation Camapign


Astha Gram seva made Low Cost Toilets at Rural Area of Block & District Jamui (Bihar) with finacial support from District Water and Sanitation Commiittee (PRAKALP).

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